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Saponification plants (cooling & drying)

We supply Continuous Saponification Plants and Batch Saponification Plant to produce semi boiled soap, starting from neutral oils. We also supply Neutralization Plant to produce neat soap starting from Fatty Acids.
We propose revamping of existing Soap Plant in Kettles, to produce semi-boiled soap or full boiled soap, adding new device to reduce the steam consumption.
To produce Soap Noodles or cut soap bars, we supply two different technologies: Soap Vacuum Dryers with a Simplex or a Duplex soap Plodder and Soap Chill Rolls to cool and solidify the soap coming from the soap plant.
We complete our reconditioned soap plant with brand new machines and electronic devices like flow meters, soap pumps, soap filters and all the lacking parts.
With our soap plants it is possible to produce many different types of soap, with variable TFM %, moisture % and soap fillers (talc, kaolin, sodium silicate, other fillers used in soap manufacturing). High quality soap noodles / soap flakes or cheap laundry soap bars are produced with our plants in a lot of countries.
In this page you can see just some examples of some parts of our soap plants, like Atomizer, Cyclones for soap powders, heat exchanger for soap dryers, soap pumps, etc...

Industrial saponification plant in Crutcher (batch system) or in Saponification Reactor (continuous system) is the widely diffused and cheapest system to produce industrial soap with variable capacities from 1 to 12 Tons of semi boiled soap per hour. It is an easy saponification system, because offers the possibility to check the soap batch at the end of the saponification reaction. In this type of saponification plant, the reaction is done at about 90°C.
Filtered vegetable oils or animal fats are pumped into the Soap Plant, then the caustic soda solution is pumped gradually through a distributor ring installed on the top of the crutcher.
To speed up the saponification process it is possible to use a JET Saponification device with pumps and flow meters. The raw materials and the caustic soda are pumped by means of two pumps with one Flow-meter for each pump, to ensure the exact quantity of each reagent. During the feeding of caustic soda solution, the mixing screw rotates.
The Saponification Crutcher is equipped with internal enclosed screw stirrer driven by a gear motor to provide for vigorous mixing necessary for a complete reaction. The Soap Crutcher is equipped with heating jacket for the steam that is necessary to heat the mixture of raw materials to speed up the saponification reaction.
Usually the soap Crutcher works in Atmospheric pressure, but some advanced models are pressurized, in order to work with a higher temperature, to speed-up the reaction and fix viscosity problems.
Upon completion of the reaction inside the Soap Crutcher, it is possible to add Fillers, mainly for laundry soap; after that the the soap is pumped in a feed tank, used as buffer, to provide continuously the soap to the down-stream equipment.

The mainly advantage of the Soap Vacuum Dryer is the possibility to adjust the Moisture level in the soap. This is used to produce soap noodles or soap bars with the required TFM and Moisture %.
Thanks to the JET saponification plant, in the last years we supplied many Jet devides to soap factories that wanted to start to replace the Vacuum Drying Plant with the Soap Chill Rolls, due to the possibility to produce concentrated neat soap that already includes the required moisture %. For this reason, in many case it is not necessary to install a Soap Vacuum Drying Plant, because the soap produced by means of Jet saponification plant required only to be solidified and the Soap Chill Rolls is the right application.

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