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Toilet Rim block

In the last ten years we become the leading Company to supply RIM BLOCK lines to produce Rim Blocks, Toilet Blocks, WC Blocks, Urinal Blocks and Bowl Fresheners. This kind of product is deliverable with modified soap machines; the rim blocks can be cut or stamped, depending from the Customers requirement. We supply Rim Block manufacturing lines t oproduce standard rim blocks and also special rim blcoks, like 2 colours rim blocks, co-extruded rim blocks with different shapes and sizes.
We supply single machine for WC block and Toilet block production, like Sigma Mixer, Special Extruders for 1 color rim block and for 2 colors rim block, special plodder for strong product. Moreover we supply rim blcok cutting machines modified with "hot blades system" for sticky product like rim block and WC toilet blocks.

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