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Soap Packaging Machines

Starting on basis of 25 years of experience about all types of soap packaging machines we are in a position to supply: Soap Wrapping Machines, Soap Cartoners, Soap Over-Wrappers / Soap Bundlers, adding brand new automatic infeed system, and electronic devices to increase the performances of our soap packaging machines.
We sell reconditioned soap wrapping machines as well as we can rebuilt soap wrapping machine of customer's property.
We supply the most famous brand soap packaging machines, reconditioned by us, like:
  • ACMA toilet soap wrappers.
  • Carle & Montanari soap wrappers.
  • CAM soap cartooning machines.
  • BFB soap bundling machines.
  • ACMA and  Marchesini soap cartooning machines.
  • ACMA hotel soap wrappers,
  • Our New Soap flow packs for toilet  and laundry soap bars.
In this page you can see just some examples of our works.


A Soap Wrapping Machine is studied to wrap rectangular and oval soap bars with or without side band, using outlet paper and inner stiffener; this last is useful for a stability to oval and bandless soap bars. This wrapping style is called double-point end fold.
The paper feeding of a Soap Wrapping Machine is from heat sealing reel, but some models of soap packaging machines are studied to work also with pre-cut sheets. To save money in the last years was invented some kits, assembled on the soap wrappers, to use BOPP (Biaxially oriented polypropylene film) instead of heat sealing paper. BOPP can be transparent or also printed.
All the Soap Wrapping Machines assemble an automatic infeed soap system to feed the stamped soap bars coming from the Soap stamping machine. Toilet soap bars are fed in the soap wrapping machine by means of suctions cups while laundry rectangular soap bars usually are fed by pushers. The production rate of a soap wrapping machine is in the range from 100 up to 500 wrapped soaps per minute.

We supply soap cartooning machines, also called soap cartoners, studied to put a soap bar into a single carton box.
The carton boxes have differents types of closure: tuck-in closure, reverse tuck closure or hot melt system. Depending by the speed, we supply two types of soap cartoner: alternate motion for a maximum speed up to 180 soaps per minute, or continuous motion with a maximum speed up to 400 soaps per minute. Depending by the soap packaging speed, the soap infeed system can be done by means of pushers or with high speed systems.

The soap flow packs are the cheapest soap packaging machines. A flow pack is an easy machine, mainly composed by a chain with pusher that push the soap in the wrapping area. The Polypropylene moves in the same direction of the soap and, by means of longitudinal sealing, it is sealed around the soap. The transversal sealing with knives seal and cut the Polypropylene to the two ends of the package. The wrapping film can be transparent or printed. We supply soap flow pack machines with manual feeding and automatic soap feeder for high speed, up to 400 flow packed soaps per minute.

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