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Saponification plants (cooling & drying)

We supply Continuous Saponification Plants / Batch Saponification Plant to produce semi boiled soap starting from neutral oils and  Neutralization Plant to produce neat soap starting from Fatty Acids.
We also propose revamping of existing Soap Plant in Kettles, to produce semi-boiled soap or full boiled soap, adding new device to reduce the steam consumption.
To produce Soap Noodles or cut soap bars, we supply two different technologies: Soap Vacuum Dryers with a Simplex or a Duplex Plodder  and Soap Chill Rolls to cool and solidify the soap coming from the soap plant.
We complete our reconditioned soap plant with brand new machines and electronic devices like flow meters, soap pumps, soap filters and all the lacking parts.
With our soap plants it is possible to produce many different types of soap, with variable TFM, moisture and soap fillers (talc, kaolin, sodium silicate, other fillers used in soap manufacturing). High quality soap noodles / soap flakes or cheap laundry soap bars are produced with our plants in a lot of countries.
In this page you can see just some examples of some parts of our soap plants, like Atomizer, Cyclones for soap powders, heat exchanger for soap dryers, soap pumps, etc...

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