Soap Packaging Machine
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Our Products:
- Oil/fat bleaching plant to remove the red color from palm oil.   The plants is also suitable for different oil blends used in soap manufacturing.
- Saponification plants, reconditioned  vacuum dryers and cooling systems (chill rolls) to produce semi-boiled soap starting from oils/fats or fatty acids and their sub-products.   We complete our refurbished saponification plant with brand new machines/parts and electronic devices like flow meters, pumps, filters and all the lacking parts.
- Refurbished complete toilet and laundry soap finishing line as well as single soap machinery like weigh scale, soap amalgamators, dosing units for colors and perfumes, soap roll mills, simplex and duplex soap  plodders, soap cutters and soap presses. To complete our reconditioned soap finishing line we add brand new chillers, conveyors and die-set.
- Reconditioned Soap wrappers, Soap Cartooning machines, Soap Over-Wrappers, Soap Bundlers, adding brand new infeed system, and electronic devices.  We sell fully-rebuilt soap wrappers as well as we can rebuilt wrappers of customer's property. We supply the most famous brand Soap Packaging Machines, reconditioned by us, supplied with 12 months of guarantee.

Reconditioning of Soap Plodders
Triplex Extruder for soap
soap machines
Duplex Plodder for Soap Manufacturing
Soap Duplex Vacuum Plodder
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